Lake Grove Village Florist

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Lake Grove Village Florist
1015 Hawkins Ave
Lake Grove, New York


Full service florist specializing in Weddings and Events.


  1. Amanda is a total dream to work with. She is super flexible and helpful and obviously has a real passion for her job. I went into her shop knowing basically nothing about flowers and with too many ideas and pictures, and she pulled it all together. Everything was so gorgeous. I really can’t say enough good things about Lake Grove Village Florist!

  2. yolanda termini says:

    I am happy to share the wonderful and memorable experiences I have had with the Lake Grove Village Florist.
    The owner/proprietor, Amanda Hagquist, is by far one of the most talented and especially lovely person to work with.
    Amanda was responsible for all our family’s flowers for my father’s wake, obviously a very sensitive time to work with
    anyone. The care with which this young woman used to get a sense of what would make us all content and peaceful with our choices, was extraordinary. The arrangements and choices of the flowers in all of the pieces was exceptional. Since then we have enjoyed ordering flowers exclusively from Amanda for all our events. Her work is art and one would be very happy and proud to present it at any occasion.

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