Jeanne Mitchum Photography

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Jeanne Mitchum Photography
Bonneau, SC


Born and raised in Charleston SC, Jeanne Mitchum always had a tenacious passion for all things visual. While attempting to keep herself busy as an only child, Jeanne would find herself drawing, painting or creating designer clothing out of bed sheets. Jeanne was always creating something. Over the years the medium changed from bed sheets and finger paints to cameras and photographs that have been featured in magazines, homes, and hearts; but that same passion is easily visible and very present in her photography today as much as it was in her younger years. Her love for art, photography, music, and movies turned into a journey of observing and documenting the world around her and developing those captured images in a dark room that she grew very fond of at the College of Charleston. The College of Charleston is located in the middle of one of the most historical treasures South Carolina has to offer and this ultimately led to her career as one of the most perennial and sought after wedding photographers in Charleston SC. "Being raised in such a beautiful area that contains so many different types of landscapes and visual flavors has greatly emboldened my appreciation for all that this area has to offer visually and I seek to capture that same degree of beauty and authenticity that my clients exude in a very tangible way." As a photographer, Jeanne subscribes to Oscar Wilde's theory that says, "be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

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