Clark’s Cove Farm

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Clark’s Cove Farm
107 Ridge Road
Walpole, ME
(207) 563-8704


Clark's Cove Farm Weddings & Special Events
It's true that people spend more time planning and preparing for a wedding day than for just about any other event of consequence that will occur in their lifetime. Everybody wants to get it "just right."

What surprises us at Clark's Cove Farm is how so many then end up getting it wrong. "Warehouse" weddings in 50,000 square foot boxes ("Please follow the signs to the Smith wedding in Suite 3"), where the atmosphere is fabricated and style non-existent. "Ye Olde Colonial Inne & Taverne" weddings in musty, cramped surroundings where the lighting is dim and the food even dimmer (It used to be a successful restaurant in the 1950's. When the diners left in search of better food and good service, management had a brilliant idea: "Let's do weddings!").

We think differently at Clark's Cove Farm. Our aim is to provide the wedding party and invited guests with an experience that exceeds all possible expectations. One that is fully-customized to your imaginings, while it reflects the transcendant natural grandeur of its Downeast setting.

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