Buckingham Films

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Buckingham Films
San Francisco, California


Buckingham saves you money! Everybody knows that package discounts are smarter.

If you're just starting to look around for wedding professionals you will probably be shocked at the prices. We know how it is! We frequently "shop" our competition so we know what they are charging and sometimes we can't believe how expensive it can be to get married.

Here's an example: Let's say that you found a photographer that you really like. You check the prices and discover that you'll be paying about $5000 just for photography. So, you take a chance and pay the deposit.

What if you had come to Buckingham and paid the same $5000?

At Buckingham you could have got our Photographer, Videographer, DJ and Lighting package for just $5000 total. That includes tax, travel, delivery, etc. We don't charge extra hidden fees unless you order something extra.

What do you get for the $5000?

You get all day photo and video coverage
More than 1000 finished photos ready to print
Many hours of video footage
Engagement photography or Videgraphy (Your choice)
Online photo gallery
Two videographers
All of the photos we shoot
All of the unedited video footage
Finished master videos on DVD, Bluray or Harddrive
Highlight film of your day
Wireless microphones for the video sound
Live broadcast on your own private channel (upon request)
Multiple locations as you wish
Photo/Video montage (upon request)
Video projector with screen at your party (play your montage and/or live broadcast feed of your wedding)
Access to more than 15,000,000 songs in our music library
Sound system big enough for 500 people but NOT too loud.
Dance music for ANY taste
Master of Ceremonies
We'll help you stay organized
We'll make all the announcements so your cousins can enjoy your party
More than 20 professional party lights in our atmospheric lighting system
Wireless microphones for toasts and your minister during your ceremony
Wedding Ceremony music and sound system with microphones (upon request)
Properly attired personnel (no flip flops, jeans, untucked shirts, or drunk DJ)...yes, we've seen that at weddings before. We were as shocked as you would be. Nothing makes memories as badly as a drunk DJ.

See what you can get? Just give us a call, share the details of your uniqueness and we'll assemble a package so competitive you'll wonder how it's possible for us to be able to pay everybody we work with and still make things happen just for you.

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