Big Yellow Barn

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Big Yellow Barn
9466 Springhill Road
Belgrade, MT


Built in 1917 for use with draft horses, the Big Yellow Barn is a local landmark. Situated seven miles north of Bozeman on Springhill Road, the barn is visible for miles. While still sticking close to its agricultural roots, the barn has been renovated to be the perfect venue for your gathering. Whether you want to take advantage of the warm sunshine on the grassy west side of the barn, run in the green expanse and enjoy the majestic views of the Bridger Mountains to the east, or take a stroll along the creek to the south, the barn is surrounded by picturesque views.

The main indoor meeting area is in the second floor, or “mow”, of the barn. Pictures of this beautiful space can be seen in the Gallery. The area can comfortably seat over two hundred guests for a formal dinner, and is perfect for dancing. The area also serves as an excellent retreat from the surrounding outdoors should the weather turn inclement.

Ample parking is available a short walk from the barn, and some choose to use chartered bus services from area hotels.

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